Limited Edition
IGM TV is the first-of-its-kind all sustainable glass and metal transparent touchscreen OLED Smart TV designed to run all your Android Apps that you would run on your phone, but on a larger screen to share the experience with the whole room.
Our Signature
At IGM we are doing our part to save the planet while introducing a new TV experience at the intersection of art, design, innovation, and sustainability. Made of tempered glass and only 4mm thin, now you can see right through it, because your background matters.
Plus Series
Our Plus Series gives you double the glass, double the memory, double the storage, and is 15kg lighter with a flat front. Designed to match your most elegant decor, IGM TV+ technology is so good, there's nothing to hide.

OLED Technology

Our color pixels are opaque and not clear like the hologram boxes you've seen, making our panels more hologram-like. Now you can can eliminate the need for a light box.

LED Installations

Let us help you with your indoor and outdoor traditional LED needs with a full range of pitches and quality ranging from standard copper beads to our energy efficient gold beads.

Rentals for your Events

You don't have to buy a transparent OLED to be the talk of the town. Now you can also rent one for your event and add the "wow factor" that you've been missing.


Not only are our TVs transparent and 4mm thin from the tempered glass, but they're solid metal bases made for stability and sturdiness when you're actively touching the glass panel.

Our panels are LG Eco-Certified panels that offer the best brightness and energy efficiency for all your daylight uses.

A Little About Us

Inspiration Can Be Found in Passion

Innoverse Global Media's CEO/Founder, Paul Lee, and Co-Founder, Glorianne Montefrio, unite passion and expertise. Paul, an innovation tech expert with a focus on Education AI, joins forces with Glorianne, a sustainability advocate aligning business with SDGs. Together, they founded Innoverse Global Media to redefine the nexus of technology, sustainability, and education. Committed to creating groundbreaking products aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, their story inspires a clear choice for a better, more sustainable tomorrow.